Faster Than Light Thinking

Powering Imagination Through Idea Generation

Mission Statement
  1. Provide training, information, and services that allow members to appreciate and benefit from the vast amount of resources on the Internet without being overwhelmed by them.
  2. Provide a new business paradigm where members (citizens) and affiliates (businesses) gain maximum benefit and don't feel the "business as usual" feel of a service provider.
  3. Provide products with on-going savings potential and financial benefit.
  4. Provide Life Coaching and Business Coaching services to streamline members' lives. 
Product and Service Objectives
  1. Provide very high quality services and products.
  2. Create products and services that have particular onus on simplifying the life and work flow of members.
  3. Provide timely updates, corrections, or alternatives to the technology whenever possible.
  4. Make sophisticated products that provide excellent value but are simple to use.
  5. Create products and services that make the "computer work for you" as opposed to the other way around.
  6. Allow members to make better decisions and improve their digital life-style experience by providing high quality services and products.
Philosophical Objectives
  1. Draconian Commitment to Privacy and Anonymity.
  2. Commitment to Customers.
  3. Continued Excellence and Innovation.
  4. Educating and keeping members informed.
  5. To give back to Open Source Community.
Organizational Objectives
  1. Pursue our "Products and Service" and "Philosophical" objectives with unmitigated passion.
  2. To provide a high quality work environment for our employees.
  3. To maximize the Digital Lifestyle experience by providing safety and security conscience products and services.
  4. Assist members to make informed decisions about how to spend their time and money by delivering accurate information.
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