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The Goals of Project Neptune


  • To Enhance and Protect your Digital Life Style!
  • Provide a flexible full-featured low cost PBX for personal and business use.
  • A reliable communication system.
  • Provide Secure Communication. Encrypt all data communications VoIP connections.
  • Strives to be Open Standards based, Portable, Secure, Upgradeable, Configurable, Flexible, Cross-processor Compatible.



Project Neptune software core is based on the outstanding CentOS Linux Distribution and PBX in a Flash. It's web-based front-end utilizes FreePBX which allows for user friendly upgrades and expansion. When new tools become available or new versions or fixes are needed, it is a snap to install them! Project Neptune hardware core varies depending on a customers needs, but it can run on a 1 GHz VIA processor.

The developers of Project Neptune are dedicated to supplying easy to use technologies which are industry standard and open source. We also focus on utilizing free services such as Google Voice to leverage the best-of-breed technologies to save you and your business money. Life is about communication- Project Neptune strives to make that communication reliable.

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