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We have a wide range of Technical Consulting and Support Services offered.
We use a consistent standard project management approach to bring an organized, thorough, thoughtful, and cost effective approach to meeting your project needs. To ensure that our process in consistent, we have developed a standard project management approach.

Assignment of a Team Leader.
The Team Leader is a high level technical engineer that will make recommendations and create designs for your project. This person will be engaged during an initial meeting and leads our Technical Team right from the beginning.

Assessment, Recommendations, and Discussions.
Our technical team assesses your current environment and recommends the possible solutions. A Project Definition and Requirements Document is created to define the chosen customer approved solution. After it is signed off on, the next phase can begin.

Project Definition and Design.
We work closely with you to create a Reference Design Document discussing the project approach, specific tasks, and cost associated with your project that meets the criteria specified in the Project Definition and Requirements Document. After the Reference Design Document is settled upon and signed off on, we then prepare a Criteria for Success Document. This document defines the expectations for both parties, and ensures that we are in agreement.

Assign a Technical Team
The Team Leader will assign team members that are best suited to accomplish the tasks to complete your project defined in the Reference Design Document and Criteria for Success Document.

Project Implementation.
The Project Implementation phase carries out the steps defined in the Reference Design Document using the specified technologies, methodologies and processes. The Team Leader remains in constant contact with the customer project contact and staff, assuring that there are no unexpected challenges and problems, and that all problematic issues are dealt with concisely and expeditiously.

Project Documentation.
The Project Implementation and any needed changes to existing site configurations are documented fully so that your staff can integrate the new configuration into your existing site system and network documentation.

Project Sign-off.
Finally we create a Project Finalization Checklist by reviewing the completed Project Implementation with the Reference Design Document to assure completion. The Project Finalization Checklist is signed off which indicates formal completion of the project. Any post-installation support issues will be handled through an additional maintenance contract.

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Digital Living

Smart Home

builds, installation, configuration.

Home Theater

builds, installation, configuration.



Computer Security

Penetration Testing, Virus and MalWare removal.

System Monitoring


Custom Computer System Design and Implementation

Home, Small Office, Enterprise, Data Center installation, configuration, repair, protection, maintenance and migration.


VMWare, VirtualBox.



Network Security

Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection.

Network Monitoring

Nagios, BlueCoat.

Network Management


Advanced Network Design and Implementation

Home, Small Office, Enterprise, Data Center installation, configuration, repair, protection, and maintenance.


Disk Storage

Storage Area Networks


Network Attached Storage

Appliances and Custom Storage Heads.

Data Security

On and Off-Site Backup Solutions.


Hardware Installations


Design and Installations.


Design and Installations.




Design and Installations.


Collaboration Systems


Zimbra Collaboration.

Spam Filtering

Barracuda Appliance.

Email and Directory Services

MS Exchange.







Operating System

On-Site and Remote Assistance Support.


On-Site and Remote Assistance Support.




Installation, design, development, and maintenance.


installation, design, development, and maintenance.

MS SQL Server

installation, design, development, and maintenance.


Web Site Support

Web Site Hosting

Domain Name Registration and Hosting.

Web-Site Creation

Design and Maintenance.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance Planning

Documentation, verification, and acceptance.



MS Office

Basic Training.

MS Office

Advanced Training coming soon.


Operating Systems Support

MS Windows

Windows 2003+, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Linux - RedHat Advanced Server 4,5, CentOS 4,5, Ubuntu 10

Install, Configuration, Upgrades.


Telephony and PBX Systems


Installation and Configuration.

Carrier Grade

Installation and Configuration.

Virtual PBX recommendations



IT Staffing

Short-term IT staffing

Through our Temp Agency Partner.

Long-term IT staffing

Call to discuss our availability.

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