Dec 062010

This weekend, Faster Than Light Thinking’s CEO, Vince Hickey, finished the initial creation of the “BrainStorm” facility. The studios that have been created are:

  • PBX Lab
  • Network Simulation Lab
  • Electronics and Robotics Lab
  • ODL-Research Lab
  • Computing Facility with a 16 node Cluster

Still in the works is the Collaboration Broadcast Studio so all the wonderful projects FTL-Thinking creates can be put up online.

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Dec 022010

A new year is approaching and FTL-Thinking, LLC has decided to come smashing into the new year with new products, new features, new services, new resources, and a new revamped website!

What is staying the same? Our logo and name, and of course, our prized possession- the personnel. Stay tuned and please excuse our “Pages Under Construction”. Rest assured, we are working literally around the clock to bring you new exciting and informative experiences!

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Jul 012010

Faster Than Light Thinking LLC today launched the first Private Alpha of its Personal PBX – Project Neptune. The availability of the core system will allow fine tuning of the product performance and desired product functionality. Encrypting the communication channels using a choice of a commercial solution (open source) and free solution (open source) will be in the Private Beta.

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